Our passion: DIVING 



For decades, we have been focused and passionate about one thing in our lives: DIVING! 

In all its facets; from tropical coral reefs, to cold freshwater lakes, to deep wrecks and cave systems all over the world. 

We at SCUBAFORCE share your passion. 

And in all that time we have learned what is really important for diving equipment. PERFOMORMANCE - SAFETY – COMFORT 

Whenever we develop new products these three premises are in the foreground. 
• The best performance. 
• The highest level of security. 
• The greatest comfort. 

Over the years, we have repeatedly brought innovative products to market that implement our three premises in a unique way. 

Here are just a few examples: 
• SF2 ECCR rebreather - the most flexible and most compact rebreather currently available on the market. 
• COBRA HARNESS - the perfect combination of safety and comfort. 

• ARCTIC X-NINE - Insulation and mobility on a previously unknown level. 

And now this story continues: 

• EXPLORER NST - the new Dry Suit with revolutionary manufacturing technology. 

We always look „outside the box.“ Take advantage of our hightech location in Germany. Visit trade shows that appear to have nothing to do with diving such as the TECHTEXTIL. Gather information and inspiration. 

And then create unique products, true to our motto: HIGHTECH MADE IN EUROPE 

Immerse yourself in the world of SCUBAFORCE, let yourself be inspired as we do, and then begin your next diving adventure – as do we!

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