Backplates & Harness

ScubaForce Standard Backplate

ScubaForce Standard Backplate
The ScubaForce Standard stainless steel Backplate has a material thickness of 0.12“ and has a total weight of 5.07 lbs (2,3 kg). 

Item-No.: BPSBD

Black Devil Skeleton Backplate

Black Devil Skeleton Backplate
The ScubaForce Black Devil Skeleton Backplate combines design with a maximum of convenience. Its shape is directly inspired by high quality backpacks.  Weight: 5 lbs 1 oz (2,3 kg) Material: stainless steel 0.12“ (3mm), powder-coated.

Item-No.: BPBD   

ScubaForce Aluminum Backplate

ScubaForce Aluminum Backplate
The ScubaForce Aluminum Backplate has a material thickness of 0.12“ (3 mm) and a total weight of 1.76 lbs (0,8 kg.)
Lenght: 40cm

Item-No.: BPSBDA

Black Devil Skeleton Backplate long

Black Devil Skeleton Backplate long

This backplate is about 2.75” longer than similar backplates. The difference: The supporting point lays on the haunches. The optimized division of forces enables you to wear extremely heavy devices easily. Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz 

Lenght: 48cm

Item-No.: BPBDL 

ScubaForce Cobra Harness Sport

ScubaForce Cobra Harness Sport
The ScubaForce Cobra Harness Sport combines safety aspects and wearing comfort in an unexpected perfection. It is a comfortable and safe companion for all divers who not settle for the „standard”. 

Item-No.: SFCHS 


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