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Ambassador Brett Hemphill

Explorers take necessary risks that sometimes put us at the edge of the world.

We lost a friend and colleague in Brett Hemphill and the world lost an explorer on October 6. We extend our hearts to his family and friends and will remember him always. With love from us all at Scuba Force USA.

Serving dealers and dive shops

We work directly with dealers and dive shops so that we can provide quality equipment to meet the needs of your technical divers and surpass the needs for recreational divers.

Scuba Force USA brought this innovative equipment to North America in 2016 and is now developing new products to help you explore more.

Meet the new Scuba Force USA

Scuba Force USA is making big changes to serve you better. We are under new ownership with ChristaHenderson and Kevin Runkle, two active technical divers that also specialize in cave and rebreather diving.We are excited to also continue building on the incredible achievements Susan and her staff (Madelin, Barrie and Mark) have accomplished. We are catching up on all the emails and phone calls that have come in during this transition. We appreciate your help as we catch up on providing quality service.

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Serving dealers and dive shops